Friday, April 12, 2013

Resumo da Reunião 11 abril 2013

  • The campaign Igreja ! Paga Já ! now has many lovely logos. We also have 3 almost finished images. We will finalize them during the week, and get another 6 by next week.

  •  Our next meeting will be on Wednesday, April 17th, and will not take place in Mob. We will meet outdoors. We will decide about it later this week. After our meeting we plan to attend the meeting of Ateísmo e Humanismo which will be in Fabulas at 20:00.

  •  We are considering the option of making a debate on the legal and financial situation of the Catholic church in Portugal, with detailed facts etc. To this end, we will contact persons and organizations to find an expert opinion about the issue.

  • We will send a letter to the international NGOs and atheist bloggers to ask for support for and solidarity with the campaign. The text will be finalized in the next meeting.

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