Sunday, October 21, 2012

Basic Principles

1. We feel responsible and obligated to stand out and reach out by organizing talks, issuing public declarations, running campaigns and making direct actions.

2. We make our decisions by the methods of participatory democracy.

3. We adopt a skeptical, scientific and critical approach.

4. We do not limit our critical approach with religion. We are against any kind of discrimination based on nationality, ethnicity, color, gender, sexual orientation and sexual identity.

5. We do not favor any ungrounded ideas. We are “narrow-minded” towards all the irrational belief systems ranging from pseudoscience to mysticism, from monotheistic religions to astrology.

6. While not hesitating to confront religious beliefs and institutions and criticizing religions, we do not approve of the humiliation of common people due to their religious beliefs. We fight ideas, not people. We take seriousness and sincerity as our political style.

7. We respect animal rights and all ecosystems as much as we respect human rights. We ground our lives and political stance not on the idea that the world was created for us, but on the knowledge that all beings in the world coexist as parts of the whole.

8. We take it as our principle to show solidarity to the individuals and groups compatible with our goals and principles stated in this text, and form co-operation with them within the bounds of possibility.

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