Sunday, October 21, 2012


We are atheists. We are skeptics. We are free thinkers.

We condemn religion for politically and socially obstructing critical thinking.

We advocate a world where all the dogmas are questionable.

Why do you call yourselves The Non-Flammable Witches?

For centuries, the witches were the scapegoats for many social disasters. They were always the poorest classes of society. We believe this is not a coincidence.

The witch-burning rituals were not only a reproduction of patriarchy, but also created an atmosphere of social hysteria which blanketed the actual causes.

Yet today, we have stronger tools to understand and analyze the causes of our miseries, such as critical thinking and scientific discourse.

We are witches because we will point out the actual causes of our suffering. As with the witches in the past, we are not the cause but the victims of this destruction.

We are non-flammable witches because no witch-burning ritual put an end to the miseries of the world; the rituals actually created more witches.

In fact, it created more than that. Mohammed Bouazizi burning himself in Tunisia due to poverty and witches being burnt in the Early Modern period have a common root: They were made pay for the consequences they did not cause.

“Money is the god of this world; the bourgeois takes the proletarian’s money from him and so makes a practical atheist of him. ” [Friedrich Engels]

We are non-flammable witches because we get up, stand up, and don't give up the fight.

We invite everyone to question all the dogmas surrounding us. We invite everyone to fight against religions, the official historical maintainers of social dogmas.

What is religion?

Organized religion, from the very moment it emerged, has been a part of power relations. We believe that this is in the historical nature of religions.

We reject the hypocrisy of considering religions as mere personal beliefs. From sexual orientations to basic right claims and from formal education to gender politics, religion is a tool of oppression, misinformation and exploitation. Institutionalized religion is still one of the most important tools to legitimize sexism, injustice and inequalities.

We imagine a world where supernatural beliefs are purely personal issues. We imagine a world where free thought and critical thinking are the methods of social decisions.

We seek for freedom from religion.

What does “freedom from religion” mean?

In the social sense, we mean a society where every child is equidistant from all religions of the world and then considers each of them freely.

In the political sense, we mean a new social order where social institutions create an environment where all religions are equally available to the public.

Therefore, we demand the real freedom of individual religious beliefs.

How will freedom from religions be attained?

We highlight that there are 4200 active religions in the world (not counting the church of the flying spaghetti monster). Thus, freedom of religious belief requires either that we establish sanctuaries and recruit clergymen of each religion in all neighborhoods and villages or that we free the society from all religious institutions – political and social.

Political Stance

Basic Principles

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