Friday, February 15, 2013

Resumo da Reunião 14 fevereiro 2013

  • Exchange Market (Mercado de Trocas) : Our motto in the market will be "É uma questão de questionar.
    • As the theme of the market is consumption and the consumer society, we decided to share e-books and videos related to questioning the existing social norms. We will include the issue of religion within this context, even though we will share many books unrelated to religion.
  • Balance: We made a small evaluation, including
      • how we feel about the group,
      • if we consider ourselves successful, and
      • how much time and energy we can reserve for the group in the future.
    • According to this balance, we decided to have well-defined, measurable and timed objectives, both organizational and political ones. We therefore decided to preserve a big part of our next meeting to a workshop on building a campaign.
    • We will structure our activities, actions and roles around this campaign. Therefore, we postponed the following items due after the workshop:

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