Friday, February 8, 2013

Resumo da Reunião 7 fevereiro 2013

  • Video project: O que fazem os professores
    • We will have the first version of the video by February 17th.
  • Web:
    • By next meeting, we will finalize our personal descriptions of one paragraph and publish them on the blog.
  • Book reading (Greta Christina - Why are you atheists so angry):
    • We studied the Resources given by the author. Here is a list of our comments, relating the links to our intentions:
      •  Has a lot of sources but not many activities. Has a very well organized database of books, blogs etc.
      •  A lot of pamphlets, stickers etc. Good activism material.
      • Has lots of videos, articles that we could translate and use as an outreach opportunity.
      • A more humanist group rather than an atheist one. Nice activism and networking, sometimes press releases etc. They host meet-ups in Lisbon too.
      •  Two words: Richard Dawkins.
      • Purely American network of secularist student organizations. But they have a "group starting package" that might be useful.
      • Lots of information such as videos, articles, short essays, book reviews etc. But doesn't have activism material.
      • Arguments that they have could be used in flyers or posters as they are short and clear.
      • Good source for arguments and counter-arguments. But only that.
      • Greta says he is the Atheist Times where we can get recent atheist news.
    • We also noticed that she mentions a survey she has done in her blog about which ideas convinced former believers to become atheists. (Chapter 12) We decided to take a closer look at these reasons, pick our favorite ones, and discuss action possibilities in the next meeting.
  • We decided to attend the meet-up announced by Free Thought Society, the Encontros Ateistas e Humanistas de Lisboa, on February 20th, Wednesday, at 20h00.
  • There will be a workshop on communication with new media, in the following days. We will try to attend it.
  • Exchange Market (Mercado de Trocas)
    • Assembleia Popular de Graça e arredores is organizing an exchange market on February 16th, Saturday, between 11h00-16h00.
    • We decided to join the market and share books and videos in electronic format.
    • We will make a list of material we have and come up with a visual presentation to be used in our stand.
  • March 2nd, Que Se Lixe A Troika
    • We decided to join the demonstration and distribute flyers. Here are some ideas for the flyers. We will study each item and see if we can develop a flyer content from them:
      • Austerity (why austerity is not a solution)
      • Housing (the buildings that belong to the church or church related charity organizations, which are left abandoned while people need housing)
      • Religious institutions (How do religious schools and hospitals function? How do they get subsidized?)
      • Privileges of religious organizations (are priests subject to civil labor law? etc. Check: )
  • Open discussion: We had an open discussion in the end of our meeting, related to
    • what we expect to achieve,
    • how to organize.
    • We aimed at not making any decisions but rather understanding each others' positions and expectations.

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