Saturday, February 23, 2013

Resumo da Reunião 21 fevereiro 2013

  • Exchange Market (Mercado de Trocas):
    • We participated in the market with the motto "É uma questão de questionar."
    • As a first experience, our experience was good.
    • The next one will be on March 16th. As an improvement, we decided to make
      • an announcement on the event page so that people bring their pen-drives
      • a guideline describing how to get to videos (pointing the list etc)

  • Video project (O que fazem os professores):
    • We will finalize the video by Sunday and share it on social media.
    • We decided to have another version with English subtitles. 

  • Campaigning workshop
    • The workshop consists of 3 parts:
      • Campaign Objective
      • Power Analysis
      • Communication Strategy
    • We only worked on Campaign Objective.

  • New campaign
    •  In the workshop we considered the following problems
      • tax immunities of the Catholic church
      • atheists considered radicals and marginals in the society
      • religious practices inside public schools (such as Christmas celebrations)
      • religious discourse in public schools
      • the fact that the lottery institution (supposedly a religious charity organization) owns many houses which are abandoned
      • religious institutions control the lottery money
      • church own the most amount of houses in Portugal and does not pay IMI
      • there are too many religious schools
    • We decided to work on Tax Immunities
    • We tried to get a S.M.A.A.A.R.R.T objective for our campaign.
    • We decided on some organizational objectives and milestones.

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