Saturday, February 2, 2013

Resumo da Reunião 31 janeiro 2013

  • Logo: We had the first version as a witch character and we agreed it to be the initial version. We had some concerns about the details. We will elaborate more and get several varieties to discuss in the future meetings.
  • Movie screening evaluation:
    • We had no logistical problems, and a good debate after the screening.
    • Overall, we all think we had a successful event. To improve ourselves, we decided to
      • strengthen our communication in the organization process,
      • visualize the event concretely in the preparations to avoid misunderstandings on expectations.
  • Web:
    • On Facebook, we will close the profile and function only through the group and the page.
    • We put a separate section where all our meeting minutes are available.
    • We are still working on our personal paragraphs for the upcoming section "Who are we?"
  • Book reading (Greta Christina - Why Are You Atheists So Angry):
    • We will share the links in the Facebook group and search through them to see what could be useful for us.
  • March 2nd, Que Se Lixe A Troika
    • We talked about how to participate in the demonstration and considered the option of distributing flyers.
    • We will come up with more concrete ideas for next week and discuss.
  • Video project: O que fazem os professores
    • We participated the Teachers' Demonstration (Manifestação Nacional dos Professores) on January 26th.
    • We translated Taylor Mali's poem What Teachers Make, and let people read it to the camera. We will soon have a video of it.

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